Are All Leaders Extroverts?

Most people look at business leaders and automatically assume they are extroverts. From a distance, they appear so confident, have ready answers – and questions – on every topic, and seem to have boundless energy throughout their packed day!

The fact is, 40-60% of leaders are introverts. It’s their preparation that makes it look easy! They’ve read up on the topics important to their jobs, they’ve taken the time to plan out each presentation, and they work to schedule in periodic “people breaks” so they have the energy to handle all their meetings and appointments.

The question is: how did they learn all this? How did they grow from an individual contributor to manager to true leader? If you want to, you can learn their secret…which is no secret at all. You can become a leader, without having to change who you are inside – no “fake it till you make it” necessary.

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